Thursday, September 27, 2012

OPI German-icure nails...

OK Seriously...Is this not a great fall color! When I got this I was a little skeptical cause I am not a brown kinda girl and there is a lot of bronze tones to this polish. While it might not have been the color I thought it would it looks just awesome on! It is a dark red/bronze color. Of course it went on super smooth and had no streaks. It took to coats to get to this color and it was fully opaque.
Here is the bottle shot...The pics online always seem to show it a bit redder than it is...

And just because I ended up adding 1 coat of NYX Girls polish in Dorothy over it. I do have to say though this polish seemed to take FOREVER to dry and even once it was dry to the touch it still had a gummy feeling for at least a few hours :(

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