Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stripes & Flowers Mani...

My Supplies...
Julep Polish in Lily
Julep Polish in Charlotte
Unforgettable Moments Top coat
Bon Bons in a Turquoise color
Nail Glue
Dried Flowers
Nail Art brush
OPI Nail Art pen in Read Between The Lines.

Ok before we start just ignore the green blotches on the nails without the flowers. Once I applied the top coat to my nails the pen I was using smeared and blurred :( I would suggest going with a brush and green polish of skipping the top coat when using the pen.

Ok so I started with Julep polish in Lily. Using the nail art brush I lined my nails leaving room for my other colors...
Next I repeated this step using Julep polish in Charlotte...
And finally I used the nail art brush to add my last color which was the turquoise Bon Bons...
Then using the OPI Nail Art pen in Read Between the lines I added leafy stems to my nails...
I brushed on a quick top coat and let my nails dry.
Then using a toothpick I added a small bead of nail glue to my thumbnail and placed the flower over the top of it. The small green bits are actually just a flower I segmented into separate petals.
Use your toothpick or finger to make sure all the edges of the flower are flat on your nail.
Repeat this process for each nail you choose.
Finally I added another top coat to the nails I placed the flowers on.

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