Thursday, September 27, 2012

Butter London Knackered Nails and review....

Ok Really...First Ulta has a day long Bogo sale on these...I got Knackered & Lovely Jubbly. But not a week later Coterie opens and has them as the opening sale. With the early sign up code I got 3 Butter London Polishes (Knackered, Bluey, & West End Wonderland) & A top coat for only $16.80!! So yea...Be prepared for the Butter London invasion LMAO! 

In my mind I really think that Knackered should be called Sugar Plum Fairy LOL. It is a super light and shimmery purple with just a slight hint of green thrown in there...It really isnt noticable but you can see it from the bottle...
Now usually I prefer a fully opaque polish but I really loved that is is slightly Translucent. I used 3 coats of polish here. There was no streaking at all even though it is a shimmer polish. It did not smell bad and it dried super fast.

And in case you were not already sold Butter London is a 3 free product!! It means it is Non toxic! They usually retail for $14 a bottle. I know I know I always thought my limit was 10 for most polishes but I would make and exception any day for this awesome product!

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  1. Oh I really love that color! Hurmph maybe I should have gotten it! Stila better have some good stuff!