Sunday, March 22, 2015

MAC Cinderella line: Swatches, Review, & both day and night looks!!

Ok so yall know this post was coming right!! Being the Disney and MAC addict I am I had to have this collection. I don't ten to get a lot of neutrals but this collection is quite stunning. I unfortunately missed out on the Wicked Stepmother pigment that was my favorite item in the collection :( The lippies just werent my style cause I am not for neutral lips on me. But I did pick up the crown jewel of the collection which was the  Stroke Of Midnight eyeshadow palette as well as the Macroviolet fluidline and the studio Eye gloss in pearl varnish. Line most of the special collections MAC does now days the damn collection sold out so fast it was hard to get much of anything. However there is some awesome news that most of the items are available in the normal collection. So lets get started shall we....
First off...the packaging is a simple blue with gold trim and inside. I think it is pretty but I feel they could have done a bit more. The Rocky Horror collection had the awesome print inside the packaging and I wish they had gone more that route with this. Maybe with the butterflies and glass slippers.
 Swatches...(FYI...if ya cant tell I am very pale skinned so it is hard to take pics of neutral tones"

Ok so lets go from my least favorites on up....
So we are gonna start with the Cinderella Studio Eye Gloss in Pearl Varnish

This product was $23.00. So basically is promised to add high shimmer and shine with or without shadow. This product is now sold out and does not have a twin in the regular line. So good news is I did find a use for it but overall I hated the product. I have never tried the studio eye gloss before and never will again. While this product has the most amazing shimmer and shine it feels a goopy sticky mess however you wear it. Under shadow, Over shadow, or alone I just dont see how it is practical at all. I have found it does make a nice brow bone highlight but it is still sticky when applied just not as irritating. 
Here is what it looks like alone...

Alone it does have a nice pretty shine and wet look but I cant stand how sticky it is :( I have tried every possible configuration of this stuff and it is just going to be an over shadow highlight and nothing more. Now I know not to buy the product again for sure.
Next is the Cinderella Fluid Line in MacroViolet. This was $17.50. Again the product is sold out in the Cinderella packaging but it is a part of the permanent MAC Fluidline collection as well as the new Haute & Naughty collection. The description says it is a deep smoked violet with red pearl. As always it is a very soft liner but I do wish more the the red tones show through. I will for sure pick the color up again though. I used this with a flat brush and it has become my go to liner for now. 

There is a gorgeous shimmer to this liner but if not applied perfect at least on my it looks a little spotty and smears. but the color does make all the effort with it as it does a great job picking up the different tones in my eyes.
Finally the best item in this haul was for sure the Stroke Of Midnight eyeshadow Palette

This retailed for $44.00. It features the colors Vapour, Phloof!, Omega, Quarry, Satin Taupe, & Stroke Of Midnight.Now I am not one for neutral palettes at all.I mean I have never even bothered with a Naked palette. (I Know I know,,,I can hear the gasps LOL) I definitely choose bold over boring. However this palette is just stunning!! Unfortunately again this product sold out super quick. But you can get almost every color that is in the palette as individuals in the regular line!!  (Stroke of Midnight is the only special edition shadow. My suggestions for similar MAC shadows would be Smut: It is slightly more black than blue, Sketch, It is a bit more burgundy but it would match well with the macroviolet liner, & Black Tied: which is a basic black with silver shimmer.) 
Here are some of the MANY looks i have worn in the few weeks since picking these up....
The first look was the attempt with using the eye gloss over shadow. Not sure if you can tell but it basically took away from all the blending I did!!
 These are the shadow and liner...

So this is my favorite look being I like darker colors and I wore it 2 different ways. First just the shadows...

For this look I used the colors Phloof!, Omega, Stroke Of Midnight, & Vapour. I also used the MacroViolet liner and MAC Zoom Flash mascara.

And again in trying to find a way to use the eye gloss I decided to use it as a base for my shadows. I used the same colors OVER the Gloss and quite loved the effect I got (But it was still super sticky!! However at the end of the day it still looked great which was not the case if I used it over shadow...those turned into a sticky creased mess after a few hours.) This will cause the shadows to be a little sticky to your brush so make sure you either use a brush you dont love or have time to clean them right away.

So you can understand why even though I hated the way the product felt and will not buy it again I quite loved how it transformed the shadows when wearing it under them. Not only did the colors darken but it added an insane amount of shimmer and shine. The stickiness got a little better as the day went but by the time I got home that night I was happy to remove it.
Overall do I think the collection was worth the money and the headache to get it??
Well it depends. If you are a huge Disney/Cinderella fan then yes! But if you are just looking for something new it may not be for you. I would not recommend the Studio Eye Gloss but there are ways of making it work if you already have it. Myself personally the palette is my new daytime go to and will be for quite awhile. However if you do have a neutral palette this may not be something you need to add to your collection. And the Fluidline is part of the regular collection and it is even a few dollars cheaper then. Overall I think I got my monies worth but these products are nothing new and groudbreaking from MAC, And the headache that new special edition collections causes is just not worth it unless you are a die hard.
So have you tried any of these products??

Ipsy March 2015

Ok so gonna do this months bag kinda quick since it was mostly products. The bag this month was super cute but I will most likely only be using one item from it. Also this month I used some of my points and got a free brush cause I can never have enough shadow brushes!!
First thing is Dr. brandt pores no more anti-aging mattifying lotion
Then I got Pur-lisse Pur delicate gentle soy milk cleanser
So I was excited when I got this Boo Boo cover up. It has awesome coverage but it is a little dark for my fair complexion.
No idea what I did with the pic but I also got the Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind highlighter. It's a soft pink packed with loads of shimmer. It is stunning but being fair it just kinda blends with my skin tone.
Finally I got NYX Butter lipstick in the color Hunk. I have a love/hate relationship with NYX lippies. I adore the colors and finishes they have BUT they dont last well for me. So I layered Hunk over the NYX lip primer and NYX black lipliner.
So ok bag this month. I will be using the Lippie and highlight for sure. The Boo Boo cream I am going to try and mix so it will work for me. 

Disney DIY...Mickey Bulb Ornaments...

Ok so yea.....waaaaay late on posting these. I started working on these ornaments back in early november as I though I would not have enough Disney ornaments for my new themed tree this year. Once I discovered the tree was full I wasnt in quite the rush I was. I didnt like that the black was showing through the paint and I just kinda lost interest. I opened my craft box a few days ago and the glitter was laying next to these and it was like a lightbulb. Such an easy fix for the transparency issue!!
Anyway I used Black christmas bulbs from last years purple and black tree, Masking tape, Red Acrylic paint, Red Glitter acrylic paint, Red fine glitter, white buttons, and my glue gun.
This is a pretty simple project. I started with the plain ornaments...
Next I used masking tape about just a little over halfway up the bulb...
I painted the bottom half of the ornament with a red acrylic paint....
Then I added the red glitter acrylic...FYI...I did not like this paint at all and this is what stopped me in my tracks....
Notice how the glitter didnt cover evenly...I drove me nuts!! So after a couple months I added a second coat of the glitter paint and then while wet I covered the bulbs in loose fine glitter. This fixed the coverage issue and even made the color look batter. I allowed these to dry and removed the masking tape carefully.

Finally I used my glue gun to glue on Mickey's "Buttons"...
This was the finished product...So after months of hating them now that they are finished they may make it to the tree next year after all :P

DIY Show Off...Hellraiser Heels

Ok so I started these a few month back and never got around to embellishment. I finished them up the other day and I adore them and wanted to show them off. For this project I used a new pair of heels I picked up at ross, Printed images, modge Podge, a craft sponge brush, Stained glass effect acrylic paint, Chain and jump rings.