Monday, September 3, 2012

A Little Corny Mani

Ok so I know these are not perfect but I know where I went wrong so I can improve them easy. But this one is for a great friend of mine cause she loves the candy corn :P
I Used 2 colors from the OPI So So Skullicious collection Hi, Pumpkin! & Candlelight.
I also used Milani Whitest White. 
You will need some nail art brushes as well.

I started by using a base coat on my nails.
Then I used the Milani Whitest White with a nail brush to map out the shape I wanted for the Candy Corn.
At the bast of my nail I started with Hi, Pumpkin! I went about 1/3 of the way up my nail.
Second using a nail art brush I used Candlelight. You are going to want to taper this color in towards the center of the nail a bit.
Last I used the Milani Whitest white for tip of my nail. Again bring this in a bit more and I used the natural roundness at the top of my nail to get the correct shape.

In Hindsight I think it would be best to start by using the white as a base. The yellow color was a bit lighter so you can see where I layed my outline under it. I would suggest just using the nail art pen to lay the candy corn shape out then filling it in with white before the the colors.
I also think this would look great with something down as a base. I think next time I am gonna try this over black that way I can see the shape a bit better and the white doesn't just blend next to my natural nail.


  1. oh! this makes me so excited about halloween! i cant wait to start my halloween manicures :)