Thursday, May 29, 2014

Doggie Lawn...A new alternative to those Nasty puppy pads...

So a few weeks ago I stumbled across this AWESOME new subscription service for dogs. It is called Doggie Lawn. This company provides real LIVE grass for training and indoor emergency potty incidents. How genius is that!! I have an older dog who sometimes has trouble getting outside so I knew I needed to try this out. I also have a female dog who can't hold it for long so I am always having to deal with Puppy pads and who really wants to deal with that! This is a much cleaner and eco-friendly way to keep my lovable little furbabies from having accidents in the house! These Doggie Lawns are Biodegradable and Recyclable! 
  • DoggieLawn is a subscription service that delivers REAL grass for your dogs to go to the bathroom on! The subscription has 2 different sizes with different frequencies available. 
  • The Petite size starts at $29 a month. They have monthly, tri-weekly, bi-weekly and weekly plans. This size is just perfect for my dogs...I Have a Pug/Pekingese mix and an Applehead Chihuahua.
  • For the Full Sized Fido option, plans start at $39 a month, based on what state you live in. This plan also comes in a monthly, tri-weekly, bi-weekly or weekly plan! 
  • This service is great for puppies that are being house trained, but also for adult dogs that can't get outside as easily for one reason or the other. 
  • DoggieLawn also offers complimentary training. They also offer a service if you are having your trouble getting the dog to use the lawn where they spray the grass with Pheromones before arriving to attract the animals to it.
  • It's easy to use! Just throw out your grass when you get the new one!
This is what the lawn looks like when it arrives...
 It is self contained in the little box it arrives in. Because this is a live product it is recommended to mix a bit of dish soap and water in a spray bottle and spray the lawn prior to use to keep and bugs from flying on the lawn. Be careful to only mist the grass though as over-watering  may attract bugs more.

A few tips to help your baby adjust to using the new Doggie Lawn:
  • Select a good location. If your dog has a go-to spot in the house put the Doggie Lawn in that area. My Nessie uses a puppy pad so I placed it next to the pad until she got used to it then removed the pad when she started using the lawn.
  • Be Consistent. If you tend to let your dogs out on a usual routine be sure and take your dog to the Doggie Lawn in that same routine. It will help them develop an understanding it is ok to go there. Be sure and praise them or give treats when they use the lawn just like you would when taking them outside.
  • Supervise for the first week. You want to be there to praise your dog for using the product or be there to correct negative behavior...Hey we all know dogs like to dig sometimes :P
  • Prep the grass with scent if needed. If your dog is having trouble getting used to using the grass try using phermones on the grass so they know it is ok to go there. Also Doggie Lawn is happy to pre treat the grass before shipping if you contact them and let them know.
It took my dogs a couple of days to get used to the idea of using the Doggie Lawn.  Even now it seems that my female will not pee on the lawn even though she will use a puppy pad for that. However they will use the lawn to go #2. I simply love the product. There is far less smell than with a traditional puppy pad and I can just throw the whole box away when I am done using it so no messy clean up. I have only had the lawn for a week max so right now it is still good. I personally will be choosing to get my deliveries only once a month as it seems like that will be sufficient. So for $29 a month I can have the piece of mind that my little furbabies will not have any accidents in  my house LOL. I am very excited since I am getting ready to move in a month or so and training in a new house it always a chore. 

So be sure and check out Doggie Lawn today!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Toss that refillable razor for good!!!

Just a quick post about an amazing new razor that has made me decide to give up my trusty refillable razor for good!! 
*I Received this product free to try from BzzAgent. The views in this post are 100% my own. I received no compensation for this post*

BIC Soleil Glow razors are AMAZING!! I will never use another razor again. I tried these one time and was in love. With hardly any pressure at all my legs where smooth as a babys behind LOL. I didnt even need shaving cream. The kept my legs feeling smooth for days and the moisturizing strip works wonders! These razors run about $5.99 for a pack of 3 on walgreens website. I used one razor for a few weeks without having to change it out.

Some of the features....
  • Comfort Shield Head: Evenly distributes pressure, Glides, & Helps protect against irritation.
  • Lubricating strips with Vitamin E & Aloe.
  • Flexible blades for a smooth flawless shave every time
  • Pivoting head for those difficult to reach areas (IE we all know knees are a tough spot LOL)
  • 3 pretty pastel colors in each pack
  •  Rubber grip for comfort and hold.
FYI...If you like these you can also try the Soleil Bella razors. They have many of the same features but with 4 blades instead of 3. They run about the same price too.


Graze Box: Perfect Healthy small snacks delivered to your door

So this week I tried out an awesome new sub box! It is called Graze Box. They provide healthy small snack mixes in perfect portions. It is a little different than most boxes as it is a little easier to customize so you don't run as much of a risk in getting something you don't like. They have a 4 tier rating system on all the products in the store. You can choose to love a product and they will send it regularly. Like the product and you will get it on occasion. The other 2 options are Try and Trash. If you choose to trash something you will not get it again! With over 90 varieties of mixes you have all sorts of options. 

Another great thing about the box...You can choose your delivery frequency. Either weekly or biweekly the box will be delivered. If you find you want to get them even more often you can place another order and get even more boxes in a week. You can also choose to order a one time box when you are a subscriber.

Just a couple of other cool things about the box....
They give back!
We founded the graze school of farming in rural Uganda as a way of graze giving something back…
graze school of farming shield
Here we teach the community how to grow, maintain and then harvest fruit from their own orchards but the most amazing thing about the school is that it provides our graduates with a sustainable source of income.
Each student is given the means to grow food for themselves, their families and to sell at local markets.
The graze school of farming is funded by our grazers’ generosity. Whenever you have a friend sign up with your Friend Code, you can choose to donate your $1 reward to the graze school of farming and help us to provide training and on-going support to more individuals.

And the packaging...

We've designed our packaging to take great care of your snacks and carefully picked materials that are sensitive to the environment. 
The Box:
We're really proud of our graze box. The cardboard is really strong, so it's great at looking after your snacks and we use as little material as possible (compare it to a normal cardboard box and you'll see what we mean). Our thin cardboard comes from sustainable forests & 100% recyclable.
holly the hedge hog loves her graze box

The little boxes for each pack...called Punnets....
Our snack packs are made with recycled material that can be recycled again. And they make perfect punnet planters for a graze box herb garden.
  Chris' graze box herb garden

 And the booklets:
Your little booklet with all the vital information about your box is also made with paper from sustainable forests as well as being 100% biodegradable & 100% recyclable.
Just some of our handy booklets

Graze box is only $6 after shipping for each delivery.

Here is the box I received based on my preferences...
Blueberries, lingonberries, cherry infused raisins and soft apple pieces
 corn chips, salsa almonds, roasted corn and jumbo chili corn
 Chocolate fudge, blanched almonds, cherry infused raisins and cherries
Ok so the Banana Caramel dippers got eaten before I even took a pic of them LOL...
Caramel sauce with wholemeal banana shortbread dippers
Overall the snacks in the box are tasty and well worth the price! If you wanna try the box for free use the code 24FTRNFLB.

Quick Polish post...

Ok so I know I dont do many polish posts anymore thanks to not being able to wear it at work but wanted to give a quick heads up. I loved this look cause it totally made me think of the pool in summer...

I had won a Jordana nail polish from a facebook giveaway a few weeks back and was waaay excited when I got it and saw the awesome blue color. The Shade is called Boy Oh Boy. I used 2 coats of the polish for full coverage and it went on perfect with no flaws but I had a MAJOR issue when I took my polish off today. After not only soaking my nails but cleaning them 2x with a polish remover and washing my hands like 10 times they still look like this....

I know sometimes red polishes stain nails but I have never had them look so bad after removing a polish :( I swear it looks like they where not getting enough oxygen and turned blue LMAO. Still love the color but yea...false nails only for this polish.

Oh and the top coat I used Wet N Wild Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Color in I'm With The Band that my amazing friend April picked up for me. Like most glitters it was tough to remove but not bad at all. I got pretty decent coverage from just one caot but opted for 2 thin coats instead.