Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wild About Watermelon...

Ok so today I was thinking I would walk you through a simple Watermelon look.
I used:
Erno Lazlo Instant eye repair under my eyes & at my browbone.
ELF Sheer Eyeshadow Primer
120 Color eyeshadow Palette (This one is a cheapo I found on ebay for about $11...I can find one if you wand the exact same one.)
Physicians Formula Eye Definer Automatic Pencil in Ultra Black
& Dior Extase Mascara in black.

So I started by applying the primer to my full eyelid and my lash line.
Then I added a darker pink color over my eyelid and about halfway to my browbone...(Colors are circles for reference)
 Next I used a primary green along my lash line on my lid.
I then brought that down around the corners of my eyes. I also added a bit to the center of my lower lash line.
Then I chose a lighter green to fill in the spaces I left on my lower lash line.
I chose a greenish yellow shade and followed right under where I had applied the greens...
Next 2 steps I forgot to take photos but they are plenty easy...
I went with a Light pink color over just the top of the hot pink I already applied. I added about the brush width is all to blend.
Then I added a white just under my eyebrow to pull it together...
Next I added the 'seeds' using my eyeliner pencil...
Finally added the Mascara...2 coats on my top lashes, one on the bottom.

And my final look...I am loving how it came out...

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