Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Julep October box...

Ok so I am sure as most people have figured out by now most months now I just skip Julep. I can't wear polish to work and having over 200 polishes I think I don't need any more right now LOL. But I just had to get the October box. It is the one box I ten to make sure I get every year. So I actually have the customizable box but this month I decided to go straight with my It Girl style.
 See why I get it? Not only do I get awesome polishes I gets me candy corn Mwahahahahaha!
Ok back to your regularly scheduled programming ;)
 First we have Ledi. It is a true black with a metallic silver shimmer.
 Then there is Shailene. This one is kinda though to describe. It is a dark purple/burgundy base with shimmer that shifts from silver to bronze.
Finally there is Dana. This polish is Black Light reflective!! It appears with with a slight blue shimmer in the bottle.

First polish I tried was Shailene. This one was so hard to capture! It is kinda thick but goes on evenly. I chipped it almost as soon as it dried but other than that it stayed free of chips for the 3 days I wore it...

 Next is Ledi. This one is just your basic black polish with a slight shimmer. It wore super well but it was not super ground breaking.

Finally we have Dana. I found this polish really tricky to work with as it had a tendency to pull with each stroke. It was also very thin to the point were it dripped off the brush a few times. And that slight blue cast it had in the bottle...It doesnt show up. I do know why but yea...Bummer it doesnt.

 So while I would never buy this polish to wear as an everyday white here is why I still loved it...
Talk about being crazy Blacklight effected!! I may not wear this everyday but I loved the effect payout. I am wondering if maybe I top it with some glitter the coverage may not bother me as much.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

ELF Snow White The Fairest Of Them All beauty book...

Ok so as most people have probably figured out I am obsessed with 3 things. Horror, (Which I have a separate blog for)  Disney, & Makeup. So you know the second this was released I had to have it since it was my favorite princess. I got this when it came out but I just havent had the chance to post it. Actually I went to Walgreens yesterday to see if they had the new Good and Evil one too so I could post them together but alas they were sold out :(

 This collection featured 7 eyeshadows, 1 primer, 1 eyeliner, 1 blush, 1 lipgloss, and the brushes. It did also come with some "instruction" cards as well.
The palette is neutral and earth tone shades that compliment each other nicely. The lip gloss seems to be a candy apple red but applies a bit lighter than that. 
Here is the overall look...

So for my eyes I used The Primer and let it dry. Next I used I'm Wishing at my brow bone and inside corners. I then applied Heigh-Ho over the entire eyelid. I used My prince in just the outside corner of my eye and the crease. Inside the v from My Prince I added Enchanted Forest. Then I just used a clean brush to blend. I used the black eyeliner from the book on my waterline and finished with MAC zoom flash mascara on my top lashes.
The Keep Singing blush is a very nice color but nothing that is really picked up well by my camera so I wasnt able to get a good shot of that.

Here is the lippie. The color is stunning but not as red as I was thinking. It had a nice texture and really more enhanced my natural lip than made it pop. Actually I even decided to use this palette for my Snow White costume this year at Disney but I did switch the lippie out for Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in F-Bomb. It is a true red with blue undertones and is the end all be all red lippie for me LOL.I also used Lancome Teint Miracle foundation in shade Ivoire 2c, Benefit Hello Flawless powder in I Love Me Ivory, Half Lashes, & Guerlain Cils D Enfer Mascara. Here is what it looked like...

Ipsy bag October 2014

Ok so as promised I am posting my Ipsy bag as soon as I got it. Sadly I am a little disappointed this month. While the items in the bag are great being this is October I kinda hoped for something with a bit of a halloween vibe. I stay away from ipsy's pages so I don't see what it coming but this months "Beauty Candy" theme just bummed me out. There are other beauty boxes that go halloween themed this time of the year and I wish Ipsy would too.

Ok so I do think this months bag is pretty. It is a nice quality Turquoise PVC bag that has a quilted design. It is on the smaller side since it has a front zip but I think this is gonna be a cute clutch for me this fall as a pop of color.
First Item is a 1oz tube of Epice Purifying Exfoliant. The 3.3 oz bottle on their site sells for about 32.00 so ARV would be approximately $10 on this item alone. You are supposed to wet your skin then apply with small circular motions. Leave it on for a few minutes then wash off. I love exfoliators but most leave my skin irritated so I look forward to trying this one.

 Next is a .67 oz tube of Figs & Rouge hand Cream in Rose Berry. The 2.7 oz tube sells for $10 on so ARV is about $3.50. This stuff smells awesome to me. More berry then rose for sure. It is supposed to soften and nourish skin throughout the day. Not sure if I like it yet though. I love the scent but when applied I feel like it just stayed on top of my skin rather than soaking in. Not that it feels greasy cause it doesn't my hands just still feel dry.

Here we have a mini tube of Starlooks Lip Gloss in Guilty Pleasure. There is no size listed so it is hard to figure out the ARV. A full size on their website is only $12. The shade is just eh for me so I dunno if I am gonna bother cracking the seal to try it.

Then there was a full size tube of Model Co. Volumeyes mascara. This retails for $20 on the website. I havent tried this yet but I will try and hop on here to update ya when I do.

Finally there is a Nicole By Opi polish in Feeling Very Cherry. Now I do think this may be an ipsy exclusive but I am not sure. These polishes range from about $5-$9 at Target. I havent had a chance to try this but I will make a post when I do it just may be awhile. Feeling very cherry is actually the color of a dark cherry which I love.

So that's the bag for this month. I will try and write a post about the mascara and the polish when I get the chance to use them :P

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show collection: Riff Raff Palette

Ok so from the moment this collection was announced I knew this was a must have. Sadly this was plagued with a slew of issues. First the collection was supposed to drop online September 29th and in stores October 2nd. This did not happen. I waited all day on the 29th and it never launched. Instead it launched on the 30th. So by the time I got off work minutes after launch the pigment I wanted was sold out. The lipsticks still had not dropped. Minutes later they did drop (Except Frank-N-Furter) and before I could check out they sold out. Once Frank-N-Furter was available it sold out in less than a minute. MAC seriously underestimated the cult following of Rocky! And the response from MAC was just that...Sorry but you are fucked! No ok due to demand we can try and release more product. No nothing. Whatever! At least I got my hands on this gorgeous Riff Raff palette. Of course it was the only item that did not sell out lightening quick since it had a price point of almost $45. But alas I had the money in paypal and it had to be done LOL.

First off...Can we talk about this packaging!! This is a Rocky Horror fans wet dream!!

And now for my gorgeous palette...
The colors...Swatched top to bottom with no primer
Oh Rocky!
Graphic Style
 Heavy, Black, & Pendulous
Carbon Black
I have used this palette a few times already. As always the shadows go on smooth and compliment each other perfectly. This is my look for a night out...

These pics are what my makeup looked like after a day at work...No primer was used on this day....

So as you can see the shadow has very little creasing even after 8 hours at work and even in the Florida humidity! Now would I say these are the most unique colors ever probably not. But this is going to be my go to palette for quite some time to come!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ipsy bag September...

Ok ok...I know I suck at posting these. Time no longer permits me to do my makeup everyday so it kinda takes awhile to write these posts. I think I am gonna just start trying to post the bag when it comes then later post the look from it. This bag I havent even gotten to do a look but I wanted to show yall all the goodies it contained :P

First off...How cute is this months bag!! I am a sucker for studs and the silver color is great. I also like the larger size of this one!
First off I got a new double sided brush from Crown brush. Not sure if you guys have tried these yet but they are awesome!! Super soft and precise I can't get enough of these!!

Like always there were a couple "other" products...Nourish Organics face cleanser & Caviar CC Cream leave in hair protector.
I also got a simple brown liner from Pacifica. This I have used and it works great I just don't wear brown liner much.

I also got this Hikari lipstick in cabernet. Its a really pretty red but I don't get the chance to wear red much...Not goth enough for me LMAO!!
Half debating on taking an Ipsy break but I just can't convince myself to do it. While the products they send are still great it has been a bit repetitive as of late. But for now be on the lookout for next months bag in a few weeks :P