Monday, October 1, 2012

Rick Grimes Zombie Killer Llama Lacquers Review...

I found a new fan-tabulous blog & Esty store!! Let me introduce you to Llama Lacquers! Talk about awesome! Her collections have the most awesome inspirations!! From Halloween Polishes to 80's Cartoon Character & Even a whole collection dedicated to The Princess Bride (As You Wish!! Sorry I hadda get it out!)
I got 2 polishes this time around...Redrum & Rick Grimes Zombie Killer.

RedRum has been put aside of a later day but I had to jump right in and go with the Rick Grimes Zombie Killer. I am how could I not be obsessed with that name!! So I had been on the lookout for a good Zombie color polish. For some reason Polishes with zombie in the name tend to be closer to neon than what this horror junkie thinks they should be. I want that nasty, ashy green color for the body decaying. I know I know gross for most beauty Junkies but I love being me!
So this polish has a clear suspension base. It looks a little milky in the bottle but dries with only a slight shimmer left over which I thought added perfect to the texture. It is a super fine Gnarly green color glitter. I only used 2 coats for my mani but I think at about 4 you could even wear this as a stand alone polish. The coverage was fabulous!!
So without further ado here is my mani using Rick Grimes zombie Killer by Llama Lacquers over 2 coats OPI Mourning Glory. I skipped the top coat cause I wanted to keep the Ashy look LOL.
This is just 1 coat of the Rick Grimes Zombie Killer...
And these are the full 2 coats...
And a couple of bottle shots...
You can buy Llama Lacquers from her Etsy shop HERE.
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  1. OMG!!! What a wonderful review. Thank you so much!You did a great job also. I love it over black :-) I'm actually watching Resident Evil 3 right now....I love zombies!!

    1. Me too! I got zombie ink even. And The polish really is that fab! I will be sure getting more when my budget allows ;P