Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nail-Aween day 10: Friday the 13th Nails....

Ok so day 10 was any Halloween Inspired Mani and you know I gotta rock out a horror movie. I chose Friday the 13th cause I thought I could do it best.
I used:
OPI Spookettes mini I Only Date Werewolves
Wet N Wild Wild Shine in Red Red
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Wet Cement
Miliani Whitest White.
You will also need a nail art brush, Tape, Qtips, Nail Polish remover, Toothpicks, & a glass of water.

Start with 2 coats I only date werewolves on all nails.
Then I used a water marble for the bloody mess nails.
Use the tape to tape around your nail for less mess.
Start with a small glass of water.
Drip in one drop of the Milani Whitest white and let it spread across the water.
Repeat with the Wet N Wild Red Red.
Repeat this process until you finish with a drop in the center.
Use a toothpick to draw the design lightly across the polish...Since I wanted a certain effect I just drew in some vertical lines. Be careful in this step as your don't want to break the polish apart anywhere.
Dip your nail onto the design.
While your nail is still in the water take a toothpick and pull the excess polish off the water surface. It should come up in mostly one big blob.
Then pull you nail out of the water.
Allow the polish to dry. Use a qtip and remover to clean the edges of your nails.
I repeated this process on all my nails except my index finger.

For my accent nail I used a nail art brush and the wet cement polish to draw out the mask shape.
I allowed this to almost dry then pressed it with the tip of my finger to give it a little texture...
I then added the eyes and mouth in I only Date Werewolves...
Followed by the top and cheek lines in the mask in Red Red...
I just love how this all came together. I actually did it for my little bro who loves Jason !


  1. I love the blood marbling nice job!

  2. Ha! I love that. So creative. And yes, the blood marbling goes great with Mr. Creepy 8)