Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 1 Nail-Aween Challenge...Water Marble

Here is my go at Day 1: Water Marble. This is something I been meaning to try and hadn't and as you can see I had some issues with water bubbles mostly. I used the OPI So Skullicious Minis in Mourning Glory, Hi, Pumpkin, & Candlelight. I also used Orange Julep nail glitter that came in my October Maven Box.

Ok so for those of you wandering the water marble was simple to figure out but not so easy to get right. After I finish the challenges I got going for this month I will try it again and try and get it perfected.

So Here is what I did.
First I used tape around my nails to cut down on the mess a bit.
I started with a coffee mug full of water. I am thinking a shot glass will suffice though.
Next I dropped 1 drop of the Mourning Glory in the center of the glass. 
 Each drop will spread out in the water as you go.
Then a drop of Hi, Pumpkin! 
Followed by a drop of Candlelight.
Repeat this process until you end up with a single drop of polish at the center.
Using a toothpick GENTLY pull you lines are design through the polish. 
You do not want to break the circle just swirl the colors a bit.
Next dip your nail in the very center of the design.
Use the toothpick to remove all the excess polish from the water.
Remove the tape from around your nail and clean the edges with a cotton swab dipped in polish remover .

For the rest of my nails I added a coat of the Mourning Glory and let it dry.
Then I added a 2nd coat to just my pinky and immediately shook the glitter over it.
Repeat on each of your remaining nails.
Use a brush or clean cotton swab to brush off the excess glitter on the edges.
Now I am gonna go throw on a clear coat and be off tomorrow for the day ;)

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