Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wet N' Wild Fergie Center Stage Palette

So a little while back I picked up this palette cause it caught my eye while I was out.

 I dont really tend to wear Wet N' Wild products much but I thought the palette was awesome. Now while the price point is super low I was hoping for the best. The colors seemed to be perfect for a super dark shimmery look. The shadows are smooth and stay put but the think I really loved was the shimmer. And none of that really shows. 

Most of the shades all look the same after applied. 

 The flash kinda lightened the next one up a bit...

So while I will still use the palette it certainly did not have any sort of dramatic effect I was looking for. It was worth the money but if you pick one of these palettes up do not expect the shimmer to really show up. What do you think? Would you use this palette even though it isnt what you thought it would be?

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