Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Disney-Inspired shadows from Star Crushed Minerals

Back again with a fun find from a couple weeks ago. The Indie Company Star Crushed Minerals just open their new website and I couldnt be more ecstatic!! I have bought from them in the past and they are always amazing!! I know I have to check out the new site and I decided I had to have the entire princess collection, most of the Frozen shadows, One from Oz, And even picked up a Callow Lily inspired shadow. (If you havent seen her art be sure to check her out HERE!!Something I love about this shop is the fact you can choose your size. I have a ridonkulous amount of mineral shadows so I like to stick with the tiny sized one at .5g. You can also get 1g or even 2.5g. Prices range from $2.50-$10.00 and all sizes come in a cosmetic container instead of a baggie which I adore. Shipping is crazy cheap too!! I only paid $3.50 for all the shadows I got!!
So here is the package...Gotta show you cause they are always packaged so cute!! Plus she sends candy LMAO!!
And here they all are...
First lets look at the Callow Lily shadow...
This is Vampirate.
From the site: True red with purple interference and sparkle.
Honestly I see a bit more Pinkinsh tones but this is really stunning!!
Now I am sure most of you know by now Disney had an obsession with Wizard Of Oz so to me this screams Disney too :)
 This is Emerald City.
True green with loads of purple, orange, gold shimmer.
Next up are the Frozen collection shadows...
 First up is Olaf.
From the site: Olaf is bright white with silver and gold sparkle a soft orange interference (had to represent that adorable carrot nose)! 
Basically this is a perfect shimmer white to me. I used it in most of my looks as a brow and corner highlight.

I also picked up Queen Elsa.
A frosty blue with silver metallic interference and loads of sparkle.
 This went on just a tad lighter than expected but I still love it!!
Finally we have our Princesses!!
This is

Deep teal with red sparkle and interference.
I love this shadow...It makes me feel just like I am a mermaid!!
 Then there is sweet Aurora.
Soft bright pink with silver sparkles and interference.
This is a gorgeous super pale shade of pink. Without primer  it is light enough to use as a stunning highlight!
 The ball would just not be complete without Cinderella.
Bright baby blue with silver interference.
Seriously this shadow is basically Queen Elsa's more pigmented big sister LOL.
 The biggest surprise for me was Mulan.
Deep pink with silver interference and silver sparkles throughout.
This was quite possibly the most flattering pink I have ever owned!!
 Then there is Rapunzel.
Soft lavender with orange gold interference.
This color is stunning but on my pale skin it just didnt really show up well without primer.
 Finally the newest princess in this specific collection is Tiana.
Yellow green with gold sparkles and interference
This color goes on very soft alone or packs a punch when worn with primer.
Ready to see some looks!!
This first look was instantly a favorite of mine. I used  Aurora, Vampirate, & Mulan. The first 2 pics are without primer...the second are with Star Crushed Minerals Primer. As you can see the color was fantastic either way but I think the primer helped bring out some of the gorgeous shimmer in the shadows.

This one is Tiana, Emerald city, & Olaf...

This one is Olaf, Cinderella, & Ariel

Olaf, Rapunzel, Cinderella, & Ariel

 Olaf, Queen Elsa, & Rapunel

This last one was my favorite look. I did start with Star Crushed Minerals Primer. I used Olaf, Aurora, Rapunzel, Queen Elsa, & Ariel. The look was finished with Urban Decay liquid Liner in Retrograde and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on liner in Ether. My Mascara was MAC zoom flash. I got so many compliments on this look!! My co worker even said I was a mermaid :P

So which colors is your favorite? Was you favorite Disney princess included? Which princess would you like to see represented?

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