Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lovely Gothy lippies from MAC!!!

I know I been slacking on the blog thing but I just dont have the time anymore :( Wanted to show ya a couple amazing new lippies MAC has done special releases on since around the end of the year!!
So first up was actually a gift I received. I waited all day on black friday for this lipstick to release and it never happened. 2 weeks or so later they dropped it just before I got paid for one day only. But no matter the story...I finally got my hands on Haute Core!! This was originally released with the punk line I think it was in 2013 but it came back for a day and I finally have it!!
(FYI....I did have on a sheer red lippie underneath when the pic was taken.)

The other 2 I have picked up were during the holiday season. I grabbed Runner and Gunner from the Nasty Girl Collection. I would have grabbed em all but Stunner was just another true red and I already have a fav LOL.
Both colors are just stunning!! Gunner has a bit of a sheen to it. It is like a purple mixed with gun metal and I loved it!! 

And Runner I adore!! It is a gorgeous matte Vampire Blood red! It was definitely something I had to have in my collection!!
Seriously I love them all but Runner was for sure the stand out in this bunch for me! Which one is your favorite??

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  1. I love it. I cant wear that stuff. Looks too weird on me... cept the black