Monday, March 9, 2015

Disney Inspired nail polishes from Black Cat Lacquer...

Ok so as a self confessed DIS-Nerd I have a few Disney inspired polishes to show off real quick. Both of these come from Black Cat Lacquer. Her line consists of fun sparkly polishes. Some or just glitter top coats and some are opaque. Most polishes are inspired but something be is music, Astrological signs, Or best of all DISNEY!! There is a full line inspired by Maleficent. She also has some amazing glitters perfect for Halloween inspired by Pirates, Haunted Mansion, & Everyone's favorite Pumpkin King. Polishes range from $9-$13 for a 15ml bottle!! All polishes are 5 free too! Shipping for the first polish is $3.50 stateside and it seems $1.00 a bottle after. You can also get custom polishes starting at $13!! I got a request in for one now so hopefully I hear back soon :P
Anyway...On to the polish!
The first one I have for you is called Mistress Of All Evil. Of course it was inspired by my all time favorite villain so I had to have it.  This is a dark green jelly type base filled with both small and fine green and purple glitter. There is definitely more green in this polish but the purple adds a great dimension. 

 Second I have a super fun glitter coat called Oh Mickey You're So Fine. This super glitter bomb has a rainbow base and is filled with colors based on classic Mickey. (Plus the name is super fun if you were a child of the 80's LOL) It is filled with red, black, Yellow, & Silver holo glitters!! And best of all are the amazing silver mickey heads!! They do stick in the bottle a bit but just grab one on the end of your brush or a toothpick and they will stay on your nail for quite some time :P

These bad boys will be sure to adorn my nails on our next trip to the parks in October...Though they will probably make it there before then too LOL. I think since I am going as a mansion maid this year I just may have to pick up 999 Happy haunts before then too!! 

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