Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Julep October box...

Ok so I am sure as most people have figured out by now most months now I just skip Julep. I can't wear polish to work and having over 200 polishes I think I don't need any more right now LOL. But I just had to get the October box. It is the one box I ten to make sure I get every year. So I actually have the customizable box but this month I decided to go straight with my It Girl style.
 See why I get it? Not only do I get awesome polishes I gets me candy corn Mwahahahahaha!
Ok back to your regularly scheduled programming ;)
 First we have Ledi. It is a true black with a metallic silver shimmer.
 Then there is Shailene. This one is kinda though to describe. It is a dark purple/burgundy base with shimmer that shifts from silver to bronze.
Finally there is Dana. This polish is Black Light reflective!! It appears with with a slight blue shimmer in the bottle.

First polish I tried was Shailene. This one was so hard to capture! It is kinda thick but goes on evenly. I chipped it almost as soon as it dried but other than that it stayed free of chips for the 3 days I wore it...

 Next is Ledi. This one is just your basic black polish with a slight shimmer. It wore super well but it was not super ground breaking.

Finally we have Dana. I found this polish really tricky to work with as it had a tendency to pull with each stroke. It was also very thin to the point were it dripped off the brush a few times. And that slight blue cast it had in the bottle...It doesnt show up. I do know why but yea...Bummer it doesnt.

 So while I would never buy this polish to wear as an everyday white here is why I still loved it...
Talk about being crazy Blacklight effected!! I may not wear this everyday but I loved the effect payout. I am wondering if maybe I top it with some glitter the coverage may not bother me as much.

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