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Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Disney World 2014 Review and pics...

It's that time of the year again ladies and gents!! Can you smell the dying leaves and pumpkins in the air? Anyone who knows me knows that since we moved back to Florida Halloween now starts in September and that means our annual Disney trip has arrived. Now don't get me wrong we go to the parks at all times of the year but Halloween is always a must. We head there in September though so we can hit both MNNSHP and Food & Wine Festival (That post will be coming soon LOL). This year we had a decent size group with 2 of my best girlfriends joining us for the festivities. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside this year for the first time and I do think this will be our go to resort from now on. (See my resort review here:

The ladies met us at the resort to get ready for the party...How do we look?


So this year we had a little weather snafu at the beginning of out party on 9/23 but it actually made for one of the best bonding times we have had in the parks. We arrived at Magic Kingdom just in time for the rain to start. Now we did have fast passes booked for a few rides before the party started but with the rain we chose to stay close to the front of the park for the beginning. I didnt get many pics of the decor and such and we did miss out on some of the usual festivities but there is always next year :P

So first up we hit the Harmony Barber shop to get pixie-Dusted. There may not be many free things to do in the parks but if you wanna be a glitter goddess just stop in there and they will drop a handful of glitter in your hair so you can sparkle like a princess. 
Next we stopped by the firehouse to get this years special Halloween party Sorcerer's Of The Magic Kingdom card. This year is was a special Pirates card...
After coming out of the barber shop the rain picked up a bit so we decided to hit the town hall for Meet & Greets with Tinkerbell and Mickey. Tinkerbell's line was only about 10 minutes!! Mickey had a longer wait time with about 25 but it was well worth it. Keep in mind this was before the party officially started so everyone was still in the park. (I love my extra 3 hours before the party starts LOL.)
Tinkerbell really let my buddy Ashley have it for being a "Bad Fairy" in her Maleficent costume...

In line for Tink we met a super sweet little girl that wanted a pic with April since they were both dressed as Elsa...
Next it was off to Mickey!! He wanted to hug his "friends" cause he was so happy to see we made it!

He showed us an adorable Magic trick!

Then we got to take purty pics LOL

Next we decided since the official start of the party was less than a hour away we would get in line for Jack & Sally. This is were the fun part is. So we get in line and after standing there for maybe 10 minutes the rain really starts coming down. Hubby was a hero and went to the Emporium to get us an umbrella. Like 15 minutes later he finally gets back to us with the umbrella. You ever seen 4 adults try to fit under one umbrella? It was hilarious!! You gotta laugh when you are all soaked and you are standing there with your best friends but every time your move your hand brushes your husband's junk or a Disney LOL. (FYI...we are not really caring about rain usually however hubby and I spent the day soaked from the rain and Kali River Rapids the day before. Plus all of us in costume with makeup and waiting to have a pic taken...yea...we wanted dry faces LOL.) Once the rain slowed down Ashley hit the popcorn cart so you had 4 water logged adults standing in line to meet characters eating wet popcorn. Not my wish for Disney but now that it is over it really was an amazing time!
Anyway buy the time we made it to the front of the line we did dry a bit. Just as we got there the characters were changing shifts so we were treated to a bit of a show as the new Jack & Sally came out. Jack even made it a point to come back and turn the Oogy Boogey banner around cause he was disgusted LOL.

So finally after out meet and greets were out of the way we headed of to Tomorrowland. The first Boo To You parade had just started. Due to the rain there was no headless horseman which was kind of a bummer. Because of the rain we didnt stay to watch the full parade. Instead we headed to Buzz Lightyear which had a 0 wait time!! Then we got some trick or treating done. Check out the haul for just me at the end of the night...
Next up was our traditional stop at Gaston's for Lefou's Brew. However when we got there they had a special "Wormy Apple Slush" For the party so I decided to get that instead. It was the same frozen apple juice but instead of the marshmallow it had strawberry and in place of the foam gummy worms. It was ok but next time I will just stick with my usual :P

Next we hit Club Villain. It is actually the Diamond Horseshoe with a full makeover.  It was loads of fun to dance with all the characters. Governor Ratcliffe danced with my friend April then grabbed her bag of candy and took off. It was so funny watching the cast member scold him and making him give it back!

 After kicking up our heels we stopped by to see the wait times for Snow White's Mine Train. Only 30 minutes!! Darn right it was the lowest I had seen so we were on it. The ride has a really cool queue so it was fun playing with everything there. I did feel a little guilty at this point because someone in our party did not realize this is a roller coaster. But she braved it out and rode anyway and we got through it like champs :P

And what would a Halloween Party be without seeing the ghosts at the Haunted Mansion!

And how could we not ride Pirates Of The Caribbean!

After all that we just watched the fireworks and did loads more Trick Or Treating. Now this year was supposed to have more candy spots than ever before but I think maybe due to the rain some were closed as we did not see as many this year. Who needs more than a bag of candy anyway right. We did miss most of the Character meetings in the park that were special to the party but we got Jack and Sally and that one was the real must do. Hopefully next year we actually catch the Villain's mix and mingle since we always miss it.  The party was super fun but it has been decided due to the weather that next year most of us will take not just a normal costume but also something as backup. I am thinking I am gonna but me and the hubby a tank dress and tee to be Jack & Sally in case of rain. But fingers crossed we won't get wet next year LOL. Another memorable year down...Now to wait til next year's tickets go on sale!! (Then again we may go for a night before then to hit the Christmas party this year :P)

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