Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ipsy bag September...

Ok ok...I know I suck at posting these. Time no longer permits me to do my makeup everyday so it kinda takes awhile to write these posts. I think I am gonna just start trying to post the bag when it comes then later post the look from it. This bag I havent even gotten to do a look but I wanted to show yall all the goodies it contained :P

First off...How cute is this months bag!! I am a sucker for studs and the silver color is great. I also like the larger size of this one!
First off I got a new double sided brush from Crown brush. Not sure if you guys have tried these yet but they are awesome!! Super soft and precise I can't get enough of these!!

Like always there were a couple "other" products...Nourish Organics face cleanser & Caviar CC Cream leave in hair protector.
I also got a simple brown liner from Pacifica. This I have used and it works great I just don't wear brown liner much.

I also got this Hikari lipstick in cabernet. Its a really pretty red but I don't get the chance to wear red much...Not goth enough for me LMAO!!
Half debating on taking an Ipsy break but I just can't convince myself to do it. While the products they send are still great it has been a bit repetitive as of late. But for now be on the lookout for next months bag in a few weeks :P

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