Thursday, October 16, 2014

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show collection: Riff Raff Palette

Ok so from the moment this collection was announced I knew this was a must have. Sadly this was plagued with a slew of issues. First the collection was supposed to drop online September 29th and in stores October 2nd. This did not happen. I waited all day on the 29th and it never launched. Instead it launched on the 30th. So by the time I got off work minutes after launch the pigment I wanted was sold out. The lipsticks still had not dropped. Minutes later they did drop (Except Frank-N-Furter) and before I could check out they sold out. Once Frank-N-Furter was available it sold out in less than a minute. MAC seriously underestimated the cult following of Rocky! And the response from MAC was just that...Sorry but you are fucked! No ok due to demand we can try and release more product. No nothing. Whatever! At least I got my hands on this gorgeous Riff Raff palette. Of course it was the only item that did not sell out lightening quick since it had a price point of almost $45. But alas I had the money in paypal and it had to be done LOL.

First off...Can we talk about this packaging!! This is a Rocky Horror fans wet dream!!

And now for my gorgeous palette...
The colors...Swatched top to bottom with no primer
Oh Rocky!
Graphic Style
 Heavy, Black, & Pendulous
Carbon Black
I have used this palette a few times already. As always the shadows go on smooth and compliment each other perfectly. This is my look for a night out...

These pics are what my makeup looked like after a day at work...No primer was used on this day....

So as you can see the shadow has very little creasing even after 8 hours at work and even in the Florida humidity! Now would I say these are the most unique colors ever probably not. But this is going to be my go to palette for quite some time to come!!

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