Thursday, October 16, 2014

ELF Snow White The Fairest Of Them All beauty book...

Ok so as most people have probably figured out I am obsessed with 3 things. Horror, (Which I have a separate blog for)  Disney, & Makeup. So you know the second this was released I had to have it since it was my favorite princess. I got this when it came out but I just havent had the chance to post it. Actually I went to Walgreens yesterday to see if they had the new Good and Evil one too so I could post them together but alas they were sold out :(

 This collection featured 7 eyeshadows, 1 primer, 1 eyeliner, 1 blush, 1 lipgloss, and the brushes. It did also come with some "instruction" cards as well.
The palette is neutral and earth tone shades that compliment each other nicely. The lip gloss seems to be a candy apple red but applies a bit lighter than that. 
Here is the overall look...

So for my eyes I used The Primer and let it dry. Next I used I'm Wishing at my brow bone and inside corners. I then applied Heigh-Ho over the entire eyelid. I used My prince in just the outside corner of my eye and the crease. Inside the v from My Prince I added Enchanted Forest. Then I just used a clean brush to blend. I used the black eyeliner from the book on my waterline and finished with MAC zoom flash mascara on my top lashes.
The Keep Singing blush is a very nice color but nothing that is really picked up well by my camera so I wasnt able to get a good shot of that.

Here is the lippie. The color is stunning but not as red as I was thinking. It had a nice texture and really more enhanced my natural lip than made it pop. Actually I even decided to use this palette for my Snow White costume this year at Disney but I did switch the lippie out for Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in F-Bomb. It is a true red with blue undertones and is the end all be all red lippie for me LOL.I also used Lancome Teint Miracle foundation in shade Ivoire 2c, Benefit Hello Flawless powder in I Love Me Ivory, Half Lashes, & Guerlain Cils D Enfer Mascara. Here is what it looked like...

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