Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mini Monsters mani....

My Supplies...
From left to right:
Stripe Rite nail art in White
Ornaments nail art in black
Unforgettable Moments clear coat
Brash Nail Polish in Luminous Lime
Recollections Flocking powder in Lime
At the top is an eyeshadow brush by E.L.F.

First off lemme start by saying I am NOT and artist. This was just a fun idea from a friend and I ran with it. Please don't post negative or rude comments. This blog is just about fun little tips you can try at home. No one needs to be criticized here.

Ok so I started with my clear coat and let it dry.
Then I layered on 1 coat of the Brash Polish in luminous Lime...
After drying I  used the stripe Rite polish for what would be the whites of the eyes. Think of either to vertical ovals or you could even use a 8.
I wasnt going for super clean here since I knew I would be adding other layers to cover any mistakes...
Once that was dry I used my black Nail art pen to outline the eyes. Then I added a "pupil" in the center of each eye. Again they dont have to be perfect as the flocking powder will cover a lot of mistakes...
Now using the Brash Luminous Lime polish apply around the outside of the black outline on the eyes. DO THIS ONLY ONE NAIL AT A TIME. You can use a nail art brush for this as well.
While the polish is still wet sprinkle on a generous amount of the flocking powder.
Best you do this over something as the powder is quite messy.
Press down slightly on the powder to get it to stick best to the polish.
Using the eyeshadow brush (or any make up brush) Lightly brush away the excess powder on the sides of you nails as well as over your "eyes". You can brush VERY gently over the flocking powder as well of you think it is to thick. Just keep in mind that the polish underneath is still wet!
Repeat adding the 2nd coat of color, Adding Flocking Powder, & Brushing Away excess on each nail.
Do NOT use a top coat of you will lose the "fuzzy" effect.
In the end you will have a funny, unique mani that will last a few days.

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