Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mad for Plaid...

Ok so these didnt come out perfect but I did not like the polish I was using. 
I am really bummed cause the coral polish is Julep in Sasha. Now this is my first time using Julep polish and I know I am gonna get crucified for saying this but I did not like it. It smelled worse than most polishes to me. And my dry time was HORRENDOUS! 2 coats of polish took like 2 hours to dry it seems. And even then after going to bed for the night I ended up with indentations from my sheets. I am sooooo glad I got the set for the penny intro offer cause if I had paid full price I woulda been ticked! 
Anyway the glitter I used for the stripes is just a cheap no name polish pen I got a walgreens. I still love the idea but I think if I try it again I am gonna go with colors that contrast a lot more.
Here is what the Julep Sasha polish looks like alone....
It is too bad I didnt like the product cause I do love the color!

If you have any suggestions on nails you wanna see just let me know ;)

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