Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Layering it up....

For this I used a layered polish I bought at Rue 21 for just 3.99! It was supposed to give a "marbled" look but as you can see that is not the effect it gave at all. However I am super happy with this polish. It has super fast dry times. I mean by the time I got to the pinky on my left hand the right thumb was already dry. I used a total of 3 coat and I would say for all 3 the dry time was maybe a total of 10-12 minutes. Then there was the look the effect did end up giving. I have this kind of layered look to my nails. Not what was promised but I love the way the color came out in the end. Beware this is not a super shiny finish! I loved the look of the more matte nail for this color but you may want to add a shiny top coat for that perfect finish!
This is the polish in the bottle...Beware it does say right on the bottle not to shake it before use!

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