Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Metal Bruises Eye Makeup Look...

So for this look I used a palette called Morbid Metals I got at Hot Topic. It features a total of 6 shimmery dark shadows. On the inside corner of my lid I used a burgundy shadow. I followed that with a dark purple in the center. Then I used black for the outside corner of my Eyelids. I swept the lightest shade, Which is a shimmery silver over my brow bone.  Instead of eyeliner on this one I used lipliner. I don't know about you all but I have never found a good red eyeliner. Guess most people dont want to intentionally have red eyes LOL. So I used a Maybelline Great Wear Budge-Proof Lipliner in wine. Then as always I finished the look with a black Mascara. this time it is Rimmel Volume Flash. 
BUT...The weird shadow that tends to fall over the outside edge of my eyes if from my eyebrow rings. No matter which room I take photos in it always shows up so just ignore it please. It's not a flash in the makeup just freaky little me LOL.

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