Friday, August 17, 2012

Ciate Caviar Copycat look...

So I am sure plenty of you Polish addicts out there have thought about buying the Ciate Caviar look from Sephora right? Well this is my mock version. The entire look cost me waaaaay less than buying a kit from Sephora and I have far more color options at my disposal.

So I started off with a simple Sally Girl mini polish in an awesome silver color...

I applied one coat of the polish and let it dry fully.
I applied a second coat of polish and waited til it was a bit Tacky.
I added a third coat to my right pinky and IMMEDIATELY added the micro beads to the wet nail.
Once my nail was covered in the beads I shook the excess off over a plate.
Then I pressed down on the beads just to make sure they were well embedded in the polish.
I repeated this step with all my nails. Apply the beads after each nail is painted so they stick.
I used Recollections Micro beads in Silver which I got from Michaels at a steal for 3.99 a bottle.
And just for added durability I added a thick top coat to ensure the beads stay longer.

I am so loving this look. I think maybe next time I should use a black polish for my base and try to get a "studded" Appearance.

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