Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ciate Velvet Manicure Copycat

So here is my try for the "Velvet look" That Ciate is promoting on Sephora now. I used Julep Polish in Sasha. I applied 2 coats of that and allowed them to dry. I added a 3rd coat of the polish them IMMEDIATELY applied the flocking powder. I used Recollections Flocking powder in Carrot. They can be bought in the 6 pack as I bought or you can buy them individual. These should be available in most Micheal's hobby stores. I tried a few different ways to apply the powder including just trying to use the shaker top as well as trying to add a bunch to the brush and kinda sprinkle it on. In the end I just picked up the powder between two fingers and rubbed them together over the nail. Beware this was a messy process so I did this over a piece of paper. You do NOT want to apply a top coat to this as it will take away from the fuzzy look of the flocking powder. The "fuzzy" look stayed only a few days on the manicure but it still looked fine once is toned down a bit. To buy the kit with polish & powder on Sephora it is $19. I replicated this look with a polish I had in my stash and paid only 6.99 for 6 vials of different colored flocking powder. Now talk about a penny saved!
Here is the vial of flocking powder alone....

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