Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This years fun Halloween makeup look...

Ok so this year I was super sick for Halloween so I didnt get complicated but I did do a simple makeup look on the day cause I just can't miss halloween no matter what LOL. I decided to try out eyeliner "Tattoos" and found they are really easy to work with BUT they are tough to remove. Now maybe if I had tried baby oil it woulda worked better but I did eventually get it off with eye makeup remover. I quite loved them though...easy to use and they would stay on a few days if I let them!! That means they would look great all night at the club :P
Also on my eyes I skipped the primer since I was using the "tattoo". I used 2 shades of purple from my Pantone shades of nature palette. I finished with Bombshell liquid liner in onyx, Urban Decay 24/7 glide on liner in zero, & Mac zoom flash mascara.
For my lips I used Cathedral lipstick from Morgana's Crypt as a base and layered over that with MAC Midnight Media.

Here is the full look...Unfortunately at work I have to wear my hair up so it kinda throws off the look a bit...
 On my face I also used MAC face & body in white and transparent setting powder (Both part of last year's Rick Baker Halloween line), Benefit Porefessional primer, and purple and gray shades from my pantone shades of nature palette on my cheeks, forehead, & chin.
It really was a simple fun look that can be dome quickly :P

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