Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mary Kay Vox Box #Clear Proof

So as a part of the Influenster community I had a chance to try out the new clear proof system on a teenager!! The system included  
Clear Proof® Clarifying Cleansing Gel,** 4.5 oz. 
Clear Proof® Blemish Control Toner,** 5 fl. oz. 
Clear Proof® Acne Treatment Gel,** 1 oz. 
Clear Proof® Oil-Free Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin, 3 fl. oz.
 Here is the basic info you need to know from Mary Kay...

With the Clear Proof® Acne System, you get an effective regimen clinically shown to provide clearer skin in just 7 days.* The four-product set:
  • Clears up blemishes without irritation and helps maintain a clear complexion.
  • Unclogs pores, removes excess oil and leaves skin feeling healthier.
  • Fades the look of lingering acne spots.
  • Attacks multiple factors that can contribute to acne breakouts.
So here is the before photo...

Josh has used this system for about 6 weeks.  Initially he had a severe issue with how much the product burned to the point where he was not wanting to use the product but he still tried. I think a big part of that may have bee the fact that some of his acne had large open pores. We all know boys are kinda wusses when it comes to pain LOL. But wanting the acne gone so tried to brave it out.
Products were applied as directed in this order... 
Clear Proof® Clarifying Cleansing Gel** 
Clear Proof® Blemish Control Toner** 
Clear Proof® Acne Treatment Gel** 
Clear Proof® Oil-Free Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin
The cleansing gel was the problem with the burning. After that it was tough to get him to try the other things at first.
Now after just 6 weeks Josh's skin is starting to get better....
The acne is starting to get much smaller and seems less irritated. Mary Kay does recommend 12 weeks for full results but we are happy with what we are seeing at just 6!!

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