Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Supercalifragilistic Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare Disney Grand Floridian Resort Review...

Ok so on our most recent trip to Disney I decided I wanted to splurge and have a character dining experience. This is something we have not done in the past since we do not have children and hubby seems to think it is just for kids. I think I have changed his mind! We choose 1900 Park Fare for a few reasons. I was debating on if we should do this this trip and 1900 Park Fare was once of the few places it seemed pretty easy to get a short notice reservation. The only other place was Tusker House and I just wasnt wanting to go there. We booked this reservation the same week as our trip!! Reason #2...This is one of the least expensive character dining options. For adults it was only $29.99 each (Children would have been $15.) Reason #3...They have an extensive and unique menu including things like lobster Benedict and smoked salmon. However the draw for me was I wanted to try the Strawberry Soup! Finally the characters!! Not only are there a lot of them there is a wide variety. From Tigger and Pooh, Alice with Mad Hatter, & Even the wonderful Mary Poppins!!
The entry way to the Grad Floridian is stunning as I am sure most of you Disney Addicts know.
Check out the stunning tile work outside the dining room...
 Now this pic I am only including because it was HILARIOUS!! No idea why a photographer would make us stand so unnatural and still in a photo that they are going to try and pass off as a souvenir but we all felt like we were propped up by sticks LOL
 (Btw...the guy on the right is my uncle. He is a CM so he usually is with us on our trips)
Now on to the food...silly me got full quite fast but it was all delicious!!
 Can't go wrong with a mini Mickey Waffle...
I topped my waffle with an excellent Bananas Foster sauce. 
I forgot to take a pick of the omelet  hubby and I shared but it was eggs, cheese, ham & Bacon. It was awesome but I tried not to eat much of it so I could try everything I got.
I also had cheesy scrambled eggs, Bacon, A small piece of the Hickory Smoked ham with orange glaze, Hash browns that had cheese and I think bacon, some fresh fruit, A cheese blitz with strawberry topping, a divine bread pudding with a vanilla sauce. And that Strawberry soup I mentioned...absolutely amazing!!! It was basically pureed strawberries in what I think was a yogurt base. I dunno what else if anything was in it but I could not stop eating it!.
Another bonus was the house made juice. It seemed to have a base of OJ but it also had a ton of tropical flavor and was very refreshing (Again sorry for no pic...I will get better next year LOL).
Now during the course of our meal we got to see Tigger, Alice, & The Mad Hatter...

Mad Hatter was quite tickled our table remembered his Un-Birthday!
We had to wait a bit to see Pooh and Mary Poppins. However in this time cast members where very attentive and did come to our table a few times. They cam to make sure which characters we had seen so they could make it a point to send the others our way. This was quite nice as I think we may have been sitting there much longer otherwise. We were brought our check and shortly after Pooh arrived. 

Finally after we took pics with Pooh Mary Poppins was right around the corner and she was delightful!
One thing hubby was concerned about was whether or not the characters would interfere with his eating time...he does not like being bothered during feeding LOL. All the characters where great during the meal. While we were still eating they stopped only for a moment however once the plates were cleared they did linger and talk longer.
Overall it was a fun experience (Albeit very filling for a park day.) Thinking next year we will try and grab that tough to get reservation for Ohana's but if not 1900 Park Fare is very lovely. The largest complaint I hear is that the room is kinda dark with no windows and that is true. However it really didnt bother me personally. I mean do you really want other resort guests gawking at you through the windows cause I sure don't. Until next year!


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