Sunday, April 13, 2014

Awesome Indies: Mustache Lacquers Abomination

So a couple weeks ago or so I did a post on an amazing Etsy shop called Mustache Lacquer. I did a  gradient post and promised I would do a quick post on the stunning polish called Abomination. This is from the amazing Vampire Collection. The collection features primarily dark tone polishes. They all come in mini size bottles and each one is only $5. Or you can pick up the full collection for only $20. It's like getting one free!! Anyway...on to the polish.
Abomination:  This black polish is absolutely chock full of glitter - silver in several sizes, plus iridescent hexes. It is also subtly textured, meaning when you put it on your nails, it feels and looks a little bumpy. It's smoother than the "liquid sand" type of polishes you may be familiar with, but who wants sandpaper? This is more of a gentle nubby texture that also enhances the sparkle!

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