Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Julep It Girl Box August...

Hey there again. Trying to do a few catch up posts on some great Julep colors I have gotten over the last few months. This post is for The It Girl Box from August. All Swatches are coats coats with no base or top coat. Sorry about this being a crappy cell pic but it is all I have right now :(

From Left to right we have:
Fiore- This is a great deep brown color. Now I am not much for brown but this color is stunning. There is a very slight hint of like a wine color that highlights the color beautifully.
Lily- This WAS my absolute favorite of the set. It is a stunning dusty fuchsia color just perfect for summer. But notice I said was...After using the polish a few times for pedicures it sat in my polish box for a color weeks unopened max. And the damn polish settled and separated a bit. The polish still works fine but the color is no longer as dark as it was a quite a bit of the pigment is settled at the bottom of the bottle. So disappointing!
Marjorie- Now I am now much for wearing orange polish myself but it is a really nice color for someone who is. It has a really beautiful shimmer and in person it is not just another great pumpkin shade LOL.

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