Friday, March 22, 2013

Tini Beauty Polishes Take 1...

So I been trying out this new company that shall remain nameless for now. I had $100 dollars in credit from them and their service is soooo terrible I wanted to use it all up and get outta there. Sooooo I ordered a buttload of new polishes!! Here are some of the swatches...I will post the swatches of the Champagne Brunch mini collection in a week or so once I wear em all :)
First up we have Cherry Brandy. Not my usual kinda color but hey. I did have to use 3 coats of this polish to get full coverage but it went on beautifully.
I topped it with Sparkler. This awesome top coat has green and silver fine glitter and small fuchsia dot glitter. I only used one coat and got the coverage I desired.

Next up is Voodoo. This is an awesome shade! It is kinda like a mix of hot pink and a bright purple. Just 2 coats on this one. My tips didnt start chipping for like 2 days.

Finally we have Bordeaux. This is a stunning wine red color. It went on incredibly smooth and even and had full coverage in 2 coats. Over it I tried the Nailtini Dry Martini drying spray and it was above and beyond my expectations. My nails where dry in like 2 minutes flat. And I do mean dry not just dry to the touch. As much as I tried I didnt get any sort of imprints on my nails after about 2 minutes.

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