Saturday, June 14, 2014

Julep May Box....(Also my thoughts on the Plie Wand)

Ok so most of you know I don't wear polish that much anymore and that is one reason I skip most months on Julep. That and the bigger reason is I only tend to like one maybe 2 colors out of each monthly collection they do. Well this month there was some pretty good stuff in the whole collection but not one style box I really just had to have. Thanks to Julep's new customizable box though I was able to get what I wanted out of this month. Sure the service costs $24.99 compared to the $19.99 I was paying with the traditional service. But like I said I usually ended up skipping a lot of boxes and missing the few colors I did like so the extra $5 is worth getting what I want when I want it.
Anyway...Here is what I got this month....
There is Ariana: It was part of this month's Classic With A Twist Box.
Jeannine: Part of this month's It Girl box. (This is the one I used to subscribe to.)
A Julep Plie wand system. (It included the wand, A magnetic top, & a precision brush.)
And Julep through in a couple of Pixie Sticks too :)

First lets talk about the awesome invention that is the Plie wand. This genius tool makes painting even your non dominant hand a breeze. It did take a little practice and even a call to customer service to get this thing figured out but in the end I love it. So first off...It was a little tricky to figure out how to hold the brush when it is both straight and bent. You do want to work in a clean area as figuring out how to use the brush requires a bit of space. Now here is the major issue I had to call them for...The cap would not come off of the precision brush! Now don't get me wrong I like the brush but don't really intend on using it because I hate the way a polish brush feels after it has been used and cleaned once. The precision brush is shorter than most of the ones that come in the Julep polishes so it should allow for better control. Anyway when I tried to remove the cap from the brush top the brush just kept popping out. Hubby and I both tried with the same result. After like 30 minutes of trying I made the call. I am slightly disappointed in the way I was treated on the phone. The answer they give did EVENTUALLY work but it was a curt 5 second answer after sitting on hold for like 20 minutes. Hopefully I never have to call again for any reason. Anyway I was told this is a common issue. All I had to do is screw the whole thing onto a polish bottle and pull to get the magnetic over cap off the brush. Sounds pretty easy and I feel a little silly for calling. Until I try it. I am a bit upset cause this means the brush I did not want in a polish bottle at this point is now going to have to be used. Well I do as I was told and after about 30 minutes of my husband and myself trying to get the darn thing apart it finally separated. After that I was able to remove the over cap of one of my new polishes and attach the new magnetic cap. (FYI...after the trouble I had getting the magnetic cap apart I did NOT push it onto the polish very tight.) The Plie Wand attached to the magnetic top and I was ready to polish. So the innovation of the Plie Wand is that it bends...Kinda hard for me to film myself doing my nails so I just took a pic in the positions I used....

  The top photo shows what the wand looks like when you put it on. According to Julep you hold it like a pen to paint with your dominant hand. It works just fine but I did notice I needed a bit more space on my desk than normal.
Bottom pic shows how it looks bent for your non dominant hand. You hold the brush So the tail of it basically rests in the space between your thumb and pointer finger. It keeps your hand and the brush steady as you go!
So here is Ariana... 
I like the color but I did expect it to be darker. It is slightly sheer as well. The color is stunning it just wasn't what I was expecting for the site.
And here is how my non dominant hand looks without any sort of cleanup....
Not too shabby at all! Actually I was running short on time and had no issue running out right after I finished these :P

And my favorite polish of the 2 this month was definitely Jeannine...
 It's a gorgeous turquoise polish with that awesome stardust finish I love. I love it leaves both texture and loads of sparkle!

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