Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Graze Box: Perfect Healthy small snacks delivered to your door

So this week I tried out an awesome new sub box! It is called Graze Box. They provide healthy small snack mixes in perfect portions. It is a little different than most boxes as it is a little easier to customize so you don't run as much of a risk in getting something you don't like. They have a 4 tier rating system on all the products in the store. You can choose to love a product and they will send it regularly. Like the product and you will get it on occasion. The other 2 options are Try and Trash. If you choose to trash something you will not get it again! With over 90 varieties of mixes you have all sorts of options. 

Another great thing about the box...You can choose your delivery frequency. Either weekly or biweekly the box will be delivered. If you find you want to get them even more often you can place another order and get even more boxes in a week. You can also choose to order a one time box when you are a subscriber.

Just a couple of other cool things about the box....
They give back!
We founded the graze school of farming in rural Uganda as a way of graze giving something back…
graze school of farming shield
Here we teach the community how to grow, maintain and then harvest fruit from their own orchards but the most amazing thing about the school is that it provides our graduates with a sustainable source of income.
Each student is given the means to grow food for themselves, their families and to sell at local markets.
The graze school of farming is funded by our grazers’ generosity. Whenever you have a friend sign up with your Friend Code, you can choose to donate your $1 reward to the graze school of farming and help us to provide training and on-going support to more individuals.

And the packaging...

We've designed our packaging to take great care of your snacks and carefully picked materials that are sensitive to the environment. 
The Box:
We're really proud of our graze box. The cardboard is really strong, so it's great at looking after your snacks and we use as little material as possible (compare it to a normal cardboard box and you'll see what we mean). Our thin cardboard comes from sustainable forests & 100% recyclable.
holly the hedge hog loves her graze box

The little boxes for each pack...called Punnets....
Our snack packs are made with recycled material that can be recycled again. And they make perfect punnet planters for a graze box herb garden.
  Chris' graze box herb garden

 And the booklets:
Your little booklet with all the vital information about your box is also made with paper from sustainable forests as well as being 100% biodegradable & 100% recyclable.
Just some of our handy booklets

Graze box is only $6 after shipping for each delivery.

Here is the box I received based on my preferences...
Blueberries, lingonberries, cherry infused raisins and soft apple pieces
 corn chips, salsa almonds, roasted corn and jumbo chili corn
 Chocolate fudge, blanched almonds, cherry infused raisins and cherries
Ok so the Banana Caramel dippers got eaten before I even took a pic of them LOL...
Caramel sauce with wholemeal banana shortbread dippers
Overall the snacks in the box are tasty and well worth the price! If you wanna try the box for free use the code 24FTRNFLB.

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