Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Chequered Lily shadow swatches and review...

OMG....I have an amazing indie Company to share with you today called The Chequered Lily. I picked up the super cheap 5 pack of samples for only $4. The shipping was really fair too which is sometimes a bit pricey on Etsy.

This company is primarily vegan too! And I adore that each product does state if it is lip safe. Standard size shadows are $6.50 and Glitter Blend Shadows are $7. (Sadly I did not pick up any of those but I will very soon!) Lip Balms are $3.50-$3.75. And she has full size blush for $13. My order shipped lightening fast and the owner is a pleasure to work with!! Anyway...enough of this blah blah blah and on to the good stuff LOL.

So here are the beautiful shadows I got. I bought the 5 pack of samples and received a total of 8!!! All colors were swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion.

I got the following colors:
 December is a blackened navy blue with teal and bronze glitter.
 Black Valentine
 Velvety dark black with loads of ruby and scarlet glitter.I really don't think I was able to do this amazing shadow justice :(
The Black Pearl
Super sparkly blackened silver with silver reflect and holographic glitter.
 The Labyrinth
Ok so I hadda get this one based on the name alone!!  Muddy Deep Violet-Brown with Blue and Aqua Sparkle. And I totally have to share the info from the site for this...I just love it!!

“A passageway ran across the entrance. It was so narrow, and the wall was so high, that the sky was a mere slit over her head. In the gloom, she heard the continual drip of water, echoing. She approached the farther wall, touched it, and pulled her hand away. It was dank and slimy, like mildew.” -A.C.H. Smith, Labyrinth (A Novel Based on the Jim Henson Film). Though the Labyrith has many incarnations throughout the film, it was the gate and perimeter walls that stuck with me most: impossibly tall walls of crumbly dark brickwork, patches of blue and brown-eyed lichen, the bluish sheen of moisture and the darkly glittering corners infested with adorable blue worms.
 Snake Charmer
 Blackened Green with Intense Green Shimmer and Green-Gold Sparkle.

Hearts In Ice
 Royal blue with subtle violet undertone and intense red iridescence.

Cast No Reflection
 Shimmery Blackened Silver With Pale Gold & Silver Sparkle

Monster's Bride
 Plush Olive Green/Antique Gold Duochrome With Gold Sparkle

And now for my wicked fun looks....
 This look was created with Snake Charmer, Black Valentine, & Cast No Reflection.
I also Used Kat Von D High Voltage Eye primer in Smoky, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Liner in Apathy, & MAC Zoom Lash Mascara.
 These pics are taken outside...

I took a few super close up of this one trying to capture the beauty of these stunning shadows...
I really wish I coulda gotten Snake charmer (Center) To photograph better but isn't Black Valentine just a stunner! I am obsessed with the beautiful red shimmer in this shadow!!

And a little off topic but I MUST show you my whole look for the day cause I am in love with the lippie I Used!!

It is Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Hermetic. Isn't it amazing!!

Look #2...
 Went a bit more simple with classic Black & Grey. I used The Black Pearl & Cast No Reflection.
I also used Urban Decay Polyester Bride shadow, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Black Market, Blackheart Revolution liquid liner in Black Holographic, & MAC Zoom Lash Mascara. I did NOT use a primer.

Look #3....
I Used Hearts In Ice & December.
I also used Urban Decay shadow in Polyester Bride, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Ink, & MAC Zoom flash mascara. No Primer for this look.

Look #4.
Ok so I loved December 
so much I went ahead and paired it with Hearts In Ice
again and used The Labyrinth
with them.
I also used Kat Von D Eye Primer in Smoky, Urban Decay shadow in Polyester Bride, Urban Decay 24/7 glide on liner in Ink, And MAC zoom lash mascara.

 Look #5...
I used Snake Charmer & Monster's Bride.
I also used Urban Decay shadow in Polyester Bride, urban decay 24/7 liner in Apathy, & MAC Zoom Lash Mascara. I used no primer for this look...

Finally again obsessing over all the beautiful colors and combos I could do with them I used Snake Charmer, December, & Monster's Bride.
I also used Kat Von D Eye Primer in Smoky, Urban Decay shadow in Polyester Bride, Urban Decay 24/7 glide on liner in apathy, & MAC Zoom lash mascara.

Is this last look not AMAZING! I just love it!! And I know I know...the looks are all dark and based in black. i just can't help myself I really do love my dark colors. I really will try and order some bright/light colors next time cause this shop is just fantastic!!

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  1. Awesome colors I am definitely going to check out their shop I am always a little wary of etsey shops but I guess since so many great indie companies are based there I'll have to get over it